Have you back slidden?

Many of Gods children of backslidden… You once danced before him, he made you glad, and he was your joy, you read his word faithfully, and obeyed him… But somewhere down the line Satan lied to you, and caused you to be confused… & You have drifted back into SIN/REBBELLION… You hear God whispers throughout the day, yet he seems so far away from you, it seems like its so hard to get back to “that place with God”… But its not… Open up your mouth and ask God to come back into your life… Do you remember when you prayed and God answered? Do you remember the dreams? Do you remember when you KNEW IN YOUR HEART GOD WAS REAL??? & All the confirmations you received? Start back seeking his face… Get in prayer… BELIEVE that God will complete the work he started in you, and he will (philippians 1:6) He will establish your faith!!! THATS IN HIS WORD… BELIEVE IT… HE WONT FAIL YOU. #Testimony I remember when I felt my heart hardening against God… My faith was getting weak, and I was getting upset with him, and I was so confused… By the grace of God in the midst of it I just kept saying “God you said nothing above or below will separate me from you, you said you go back for every lost sheep, You said nothing will pluck me out from your hands…So pleaseeeeee don’t let anything take me from you.” I said this over and over.” At that time it didn’t seem as if anything was happening… Yet, NOW I see that God heard me and he is faithful… Because that stuff didn’t separate me from God… THAT WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME DID NOT PROSPER! & GOD WILL DO THE SAMETHING FOR YOU!! ***SPEAK GODS WORD BACK TO HIM… HE IS FAITHFUL… HE WILL DO WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO… HE WILL SAVE YOU FROM THE LIES OF THE DEVIL… #JESUSISCOMING


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