Don’t fall for satans lies!

One of the ways satan wars against Gods ppl is by CONSUMING THEIR MIND WITH THINGS/thoughts/situations/ & etc (Revelations 12:17).,. Once satan see’s that what USE TO BOTHER YOU, no longer bothers you/worry you/stress you, cause you to stumble, depress you, cause you to be anxious, and etc., he sends something else, hoping that it will consume your mind, time, stress you out, worry you, and etc., Yet, as you study to show yourself approved, utilizing the APPROPRIATE scriptures for the situation; casting those cares on God by meditating/repeating/rehearsing what his word says for your situation, verses replaying your situation… You will see those thoughts/promblems diminish just the previous ones that no longer bother you… Therefore instead of being upset, sad, and thinking your crazy, Rejoice because the things that use to bother you… No longer bother you… & If God delivered you in one area in your life… He’ll deliver you in another! He’s faithful! (1 corinthians 1:9) He shows no partiality! (Romans 2:11) God desires for us to have a PEACE OF MIND THAT PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING!!! (Philippians 4:7)God wants you to be in perfect peace!!! He wants this for you!!!! So if you just trust in him & hold on you’ll get it ❤ ***The enemy doesn’t want your mind to be at ease, because he knows then you’ll hear from God CLEARLY…. & You’ll be a vessel that God can use at any given moment! When our minds are on our problems, we aren’t thinking about sharing Jesus while we are out, praying for ppl, and etc., But once your mind is clear, and at ease… God will be able to use you alot more!


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