Jesus is coming!

God is about to destroy all of the idols/gods we trust in; The things we choose to depend on, rely on, Trust in, look to, lean on, & chase, instead of God. Don’t you see it? We’ve made medicine and doctors our Gods, and now antibiotics aren’t even working, all type of new diseases are coming. Do you see what’s happening to the food and water? Every day more and more of it is being contaminated by radio active material, oil, algae, & etc., technology? It’s being hacked, crashing, causing sicknesses… & etc., Money? Value going down & etc., we must begin to trust in God, get security/stability & etc., from God ALONE, not ppl, or things. God is about to show many that he is God almighty, and he alone is who saves, cleanses, makes ways out of no ways & etc., repent! Learn of him now! Get rooted in him now!!! So that when this stuff begins to happen you’ll be at peace, because you KNOW who God is, and what he’s capable of. He loves you ❤️❤️❤️


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