Jesus is coming

For a long time God has protected us from the consequences of our behaviors, by not allowing evil spirits to come into our lives and completely have their way. But we are entering, and are currently in a period where God will be a performer of all of his word. Deuteronomy 28 tells us the blessings for obedience, and curses for disobediences. Start getting to know God now. He wants to protect us from his judgements that are to come upon the world… But rejecting his instructions, and word is rejecting his protection as well. Disease outbreaks, natural disasters, wars, and rumors of wars will become a norm. This world has rejected God & now they will see what life without God is like. Plz, start seeking him NOW. Don’t worry about your current sin state, nor what your doing, and what you like… Just open up your mouth and ask God to come into your life and be your only influence.


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