Jesus loves you 

Mannn society is sleep and caught up in the motions… Do ppl not see the bible is coming to past? Everything the word of God says concerning the last days in Revelations, and Matthew is happening… … From wild fires in the western area of our country, all these mysterious diseases (brain eating diseases, flesh eating diseases, zika, & etc.,), to these natural disasters, weird weather, sitings of objects in the sky, volcano eruptions, natural disasters, water containtions, ppl killing each other, heat waves, and etc., Not to mention so many MAJOR nations are beginning to move the nuclear weapons/missles around in efforts to prepare for war… Germany even told their country to prepare by stock piling food in case a war breaks out.. Money/Food/Fame/Weave/Eye Brows/Cars/ Lashes/Rims/Watches & etc., will not prepare you nor save you from whats coming… But the word of God will.. The problem is many don’t know the word of God.. and very few LIVE by it… God is removing his hedge of protection… Many have rejected his grace (Jesus), so many won’t get his grace to endure the things coming.. Wake up… Satan deceives so many into doing the wrong things for money… Yet, in the end… MONEY WONT SAVE YOU… YOUR GOING TO DIE… & ITS STILL GOING TO BE HERE. SOMEBODY ELSE IS GOING TO SPEND IT. & SOON IT WONT BE WORTH MUCH… God is about to judge this nation for all the horrible things its done to its ppl, and other countries… & He is about to judge ppl according to their behavior… Many things that will happen to ppl will be an REPAYMENT FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO OTHERS OR AGAINST GOD… Please know that everybody that’s dying in this hour IS NOT YOUR ANGEL, THEY ARE NOT IN HEAVEN… THEY ARE NOT RESTING IN PEACE… If they didn’t prepare for heaven… They aren’t in heaven…


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