Jesus loves you!

Yesterday I was reading the bible, and I thought to myself…Why was the eating utensils, and the majority of everything in Gods temple overlayed with Gold? God dropped in my spirit that is was a shadow/hint of what was to be done in Gods people in the future… Eating Utensils are used for service/servicing ppl/preparing food & etc., … (By servicing ppl I mean by helping ppl… ) Gold is an indicator of PURITY (Godly, devoted to living according to the word of God/pure/holy/turning from sin & etc., ) … God desires for us to service each other in purity, and live a life style of PURITY… He desires for us to operate in a pure spirit when helping his ppl… Not just doing something because we need them to do something for us tomorrow, not just doing something for someone because they are irritating and we want them out our face, not doing something because we want to be seen and heard… But simply out of Love; Out of the fact that we are treating them how we want to be treated, and we want to be a reflection of God… Our father wants us doing things with a PURE CONSCIENCE. PURE MOTIVES… PURE INTENTIONS… NO HIDDEN AGENDAS.


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