Teach your children the word of God! 

This is why we need to teach our kids about God. They have come up with a program that will influence/encourage/teach your child about being born one way, but believing you are another gender (Ex. I was born a girl… but I’m a boy in a girl body… I’m a girl and attracted to other girls). They are trying to teach little kids this. In addition to this, THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE TO TELL THE PARENT THEY ARE TEACHING THE KID THIS… THE GOVERNMENT IS LITERALLY TRYING TO RAISE OUR KIDS… This world is going to do so many abominable things in the name of equality/justice for homosexuals… But in reality, it’s apart of Satans agenda to draw humanity away from God… For people who are homosexuals… THAT’S APART OF MY TESTIMONY… God is a deliverer… In this walk with God, you have to deny what you like… & Desire/want/seek the things God likes. Ask that God removes those things out of your heart that he doesn’t like… No this walk with God is not a walk in the park… BUT GOD WILL BE THERE WITH YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! #JesusIsComing Click to read more


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