More emails from the democratic party is surfacing… They are purposely trying to take away our religious freedoms, in order to support the LGBT community. They are paying businesses to come up with “creative ways” to get around religious freedoms. They are paying people to persuade public audiences, organizations, and media… They have spent over 5 million$ to target religious freedom protection laws. They are doing this to support the LGBT community… They are creating “effective conversations” about “harmful” religious protection laws… In order to say our beliefs harm and effect the LGBT community. THEY ARE LITERALLY PAYING PPL TO MANIPULATE THE MINDS OF PPL SO EVERYONE CAN BE OK WITH ALL THE HOMOSEXUAL THINGS THEY ARE ALLOWING… Yet if you know God you know God is against homosexuality, and all they are doing is carrying out the plans of the devil… HE LOVES THE PERSON… BUT HE HATES THE SIN… GOD MADE NO MISTAKE WHEN HE CREATED YOUR GENDER… THE DEVIL IS A LIAR… CONVINCING PPL TO BELIEVE THEY LIKE THE SAME SEX, OR HATE WHO THEY ARE…. IN THE WORD, GOD SAYS YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE… #BELIEVEITClick to read


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