Jesus is coming!

In the bible God repeats himself over & over. In the Old Testament and New Testament. He even tells us to talk about his ways to our children over and over throughout the day. God knows that repetition works, yet Satan knows this as well… This is why in the TV, videos, movies, books, magazines, & etc., you can learn about the same sins! Lying, stealing, homosexuality, getting drunk, & etc., is everywhere. it’s like the world is becoming 1 with sin, which is why God tell us come out from the world & be separate (2 Corinthians 6:17)… Stop defiling yourself with sin, yet expecting to grow. It’s like If you hate when your lips are red, why eat red pop sickles, red slushed, and etc., daily? Stop planting sinful deeds in your mind… Begin to plant godly things. Watch godly shows, listen to godly music… Commune with ppl who have a desire for God! Go to bible studies/church… Plant & water Godly seeds!!!


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