It’s time to get right with God! 

The bible says to your faith add virtue (3 Peter 5:5). By faith, meaning the beliefs we say we have in Jesus. So in other words: to the beliefs you have in God, add virtue. The definition of virtue is: good morals, righteousness, integrity, purity, goodness, moral excellence. The definition of morals is: habits, manners, customs. In other words to the “belief in JESUS you have,” add Godly behavior, Add some works; obey his word. Your behavior should match the word of God. Period. The bible says if you have known God you would put off the old man, and put on christ (Ephesians 4:20-24). Put off demonic behavior, and put on godly behavior. In other words, there should be a change in your behavior/life style from when you didn’t know God, verses when you Got saved… All the lying, stealing, sex outside of marriage, gossip, drunken behavior, & etc., should begin to diminish. You shouldn’t agree with it anymore. You should see those things leaving your life… God is not going to allow a person that is ok with sin, and loves sin into his kingdom… Just like you don’t place old wine into new bottles… He isn’t going to put sin into a new heaven and new earth (Matthew 9:17) … Let God clean you up now!!! Confess your sins, admit your a sinner, admit the wrongs you commit daily (1 John 1:9) … Read your word… Study the word… God will deliver you!!! Jesus is coming!!!!


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