Many see we are living in the last days now, but what are you going to do? Are you going to seek/submit to God, or keep living a life style that Is disobedient to Gods word? Know that if you keep seeking and pursing sin, eventually you’ll be given up to ALL things that are inconvenient for you (Romans 1:28-31, Genesis 11:6), Due to continuously desiring sin, & refusing to submit to God, You’ll become rebellious, unwilling to submit to the word & against the word of God, and you won’t even understand why (the bible calls this a reprobate mind). Yet, your reprobate mind will have stemmed from the fact that THERE WAS A TIME THAT YOU HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO CHOOSE JESUS & SEEK HIM, YET YOU REJECTED HIM & PUT HIM ON HOLD. The time is now!!! Seek God now!!! (Romans 13:11) There will only be protection in God alone!!! God is about to shake everything that can be shaken, those who are rooted deeply in the word of God will remain (Hebrew 12:27). Why? the word of God can’t fail, therefore it won’t fail, nor let down those who trust in it. Yet your money, jobs, water, food, police, military, doctors, medicines, weed, ppl, liquor, will allllllll fail you! Can’t you see that it’s failing you now?!?–we need to be rooted in the word like trees are rooted in the ground. When we are rooted in the word of God, we will be able to trust/believe/rely/depend on everything God said & we will be able to stand in all storms, trials, and tribulations (just like the trees do) Let every area in your life be rooted in the word of God… Trust/rely on what his word says… Refuse thoughts of doubt with the word of God!!! God said whoever comes to him must believe he is God & that he is a rewarder of those who seek him over and over (daily–Hebrew 11:6) Pray and doubt not! (James 1:6) God is not a man that he should lie! (Numbers 23:19) The word of God goes fourth to prosper! (Isaiah 55:11) repent!!! Jesus is coming!


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