Separate yourself!

A few weeks ago i was reading Romans 5:12 and I was thinking… Ok by one man sin entered the world. But God began to allow me to see the bigger picture: By one act of disobedience, sin entered/was present in the world. Through Adam disobeying God by eating the apple, sooooooo many sins (acts of disobedience) entered the world: homosexuality, lying, killing, adultery, stealing, gossip, slandering, sex with animals, child molestation, killing for money and etc., Adam and Eve were a channel/connection that enabled Satan to fill the entire world up with wickedness. But just think of it… What channels/connections do we have in our life, that’s allowing Satan to fill us up with disobedience? Is it the TV shows you watch? Ppl in your life? Tempting places you go? Pornos you watch? The drugs you smoke? Because it’s all inviting some demonic spirit in. The wicked tv will have you gossiping, wrong ppl + tempting places can influence negative behaviors, pornos invite masturbation/sex outside of marriage / adultery into your life, drugs invite sicknesses, and careless behavior into your life, and so on… It is time for us to separate ourselves from everything God hates! Pray! Fast! Stay in your word! Remember… Jesus said that once demons re-enter a person, they bring 7 more spirits that are more evil than itself… & the person is wayyyyyyy worse than before. (Matthew 12:45)… Therefore don’t think it’s ok to willingly do that one sin, because that one spirit will invite more of its friends & completely defile you and trick you… That’s why the bible says… There is a way of living that seems right to a person, but those ways will lead to DEATH (proverbs 14:12). God said don’t lean into your own understanding (proverbs 3:5) , whatever God said that’s what it is… Pray for help, confess your sins, verses making excuses on why you disobey God.


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