Are you really a Christian?

if I told you I was gay, and you asked me “do you like girls” and my response was “no.” Then you ask me “Have you ever liked girls?” And I say “no.” And you asked “we’ll have you ever dated girls, or do anything sexually with girls?” And I say “no.” You would be like well your not gay! Your lying! Well, that’s exactly the case when it comes to being a Christian. If your behavior doesn’t line up to the behavior in the word of God, you are not a child of God. You are a child of Satan. This is what Jesus was talking about in revelations 3 when he said THEY SAY THEY ARE JEWS BUT THEY DO LIE, THEY ARE OF THE CHURCH OF SATAN (revelations 3:9) !!! & yes… It is a difference from those striving to live for God, yet they stumble here and there… Verses those who completely disregard Gods word, or say “God knows my heart”, or make excuses for their sin. Stop making excuses for your behavior and just admit that you need God to help you! God isn’t going to help deliver you from any sins unless you recognize its wrong, and own up to… #Repent … Do you really think God is going to allow sin into his new kingdom?!? And let all this wickedness continue? Do you think he is going to allow ppl who didn’t submit to his word contaminate his new kingdom??? #NO


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