Seek God Diligently

A few weeks ago I woke up, and a scripture popped up in my mind “God honors those who honor him.” Yet immediately the devil began to condemn me, “well you cussed while talking to him yesterday.” Implying that God wouldn’t honor me anymore. Instantly I began to feel down, and depressed. I then heard heard a angel say “Dede.” I said “yea.” He said “destroy yourself.” I replied sounding so tired and wore out (lol) “no the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy, not God. God came to give life.” The angel then cut into me like say it like you mean it 🤔 because I sounded so tired… As if I didn’t believe anything that came out of my mouth, as if I was talking just to be talking. The angel then left, and immediately a evil spirit came and I had to use the word of God to get it away from me. Afterwards God dropped in my spirit “fervently.” The bible says the FERVENT prayers of the righteous prospers (James 5:16). That means we have to be focused, passionate, in tune, dedicated, sincere, when praying… Not distracted, doubting, tired and etc., it’s time to go hard for God! It’s chains to break, & souls to be saved!!! I told God I didn’t want to come out this trial crawling…. I wanted to come out on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I’ve cried many nights these last few months… & as bad as I wanted God to change my situation without me exercising faith… He didn’t… He encouraged me a lot, visited me a lot… But he made me utilize faith & the word.


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