Marriage / dating?

Marriage should be taken very serious… If you marry the wrong person, you have a bowl of misery to possibly eat every single day. The devil can have his foot in your door every single day, especially if the person is a unbeliever. Why risk marrying the wrong person: A person that enjoys arguing, fighting, lying, sinning, doesn’t believe in God, and etc.,? We need to really examine things regarding our relationships. How does that person act when their mad, or Going through financial issues? (Do they lash out, take it out on you, put their hands on you… Or do they behave according To the bible?) Have they been caught lying already? How do they treat their mom/sisters/aunt? Are they active in their children lives? How do they handle stress, and blessings? We can’t say we know a person, until we’ve seen them under pressure. Then we say a person switched up on us, when in reality we never even knew them. Stop moving so fast!!! My advice to everybody is to wait on God to send a person who he has trained and changed… Someone who is going to fight off lust, lying, cheating, saying mean things, and etc.,… Not just because they love you, but because they love God! If a person doesn’t have a relationship with God, they won’t be able to love you, they don’t even know how to love themselves. Many ppl think they are in love, but they are caught up in soul ties! That person completely dogs you out, treats you like crap, cheats on you, lies to you, beats you, & verbally abuses you… But for some reason, you can’t leave πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” & you think it’s love… But it’s not… It’s the devil PURPOSELY keeping you in that toxic relationship so that he can completely break you down and steal your confidence, and Have you walking around here suicidal, bitter, & filled with unforgiveness … Yet the devil knows if you don’t forgive you won’t be forgiven… So he knows if you die your going straight to hell… πŸ˜” for those in toxic marriages… Ask God for directions!!! Diligently!


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