#Testimony yesterday I was taking my nieces to the library, and my car caught a flat. Immediately a thought came to my mind “it’s always something!” But the holy spirit spoke through me and said “I thank God for all the times I didn’t get a flat!” & I began to drive slow and praise God! I caught a flat a few months ago, however due to me driving on the rim to get home, I messed something else up on my car. As I attempted to drive very slow to the tire shop, I kept telling God “you said you would rebuke the devourer for my sake, and I believe you” (Malachi 3:11… ” Because I didn’t want anything else to mess up on the car. ) I also reminded God of how he had me anoint my car a few weeks ago lol… Anyways, a guy stopped me, and Told me he didn’t want me to mess my rim up, and to pull over. He called someone to take my tire off, took my tire to the tire shop to get a new tire that matched, Paid the person to put the tire on, and charged me NOTHING. THAT WAS ALL GOD!!! ITS BEEN VERY COLD IN DETROIT, ONLY GOD WOULD MOVE ON SOMEONE TO BE THAT KIND IN THIS TYPE OF WEATHER. I was like wow God you really rebuked the devourer and made that work out for my Good! (Romans 8:28) Not to mention I was able to share Jesus with so many ppl as ppl pulled on the side of me to see if I was ok. One of the things God taught me is its never about me! It’s always a opportunity to share him! It’s always an opportunity for ppl to see you be a light under pressure, and see where you get your strength from (God). This will cause them to seek God. This is why we can’t allow our hardships to hinder us from sharing him. *Many times we go through unpleasant things just to Get in the presence of the person that God wants in his kingdom! Sometimes that left turn is needed so that God can reach who he needs to reach! –Please stop complaining!!! Your causing a lot of blessings to detour! In other words your delaying your blessings… They are taking longer to manifest, and arrive to you! Have you not learned from the Israelites in the wilderness? Their complaining turned a 3 day trip into 40 years!!! (Numbers 32:13) Not only that, NONE of them that complained saw the land God promised to them!!! Therefore #Rejoice in Gods promises!!! Instead of complaining about what you see!!! The promises of God will become visible in your life!!!


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