How to avoid children out of wedlock?

I reallllyyyyy hate seeing girls with a million babies back to back with different fathers. I know they are so hurt inside. I know while pregnant they told themselves that they were done with guys, and they wouldn’t have sex again, But without the Holy Ghost those words will fall to the ground. In other words Soon as you have the baby, loneliness will set in, Satan will send another guy your way, and you will find yourself pregnant again. The kingdom of God isn’t in word, but POWER… (1 Corinthians 4:20) In other words our father will give you power to turn those words into actions!!! –Stop walking down the path of temptation; Why are you staying nights with guys?!? Do you really think they just want to watch Netflix?!? Be wiser!!!!! —and I’m not just talking, I was a victim of this… Soon as I had my baby in 2013 I ended up falling short of the glory of God, into sex… but I thank praise God because he didn’t let it occur over, and over again. Do what you have to do to flee sex outside of marriage… If you have to block their number, change your number, block them from Facebook, and etc., do it!!! & tell them why!!! I’m trying to live right for the lord, he said no one that have sex outside of marriage, or sex outside of their marriage will enter his kingdom!!!! (Revelations 21:8) Your soul is worth more than two minutes!!!! I’m not going to hell for two minutes!!!!! It’s not even about hell at this point, I love God and I don’t want to hurt him. I’ve hurt him enough!!! God understands that we fall short… But when ppl fall, what do they do?!? They Get up!!! Utilize that in your walk with God! Don’t stay in that sin!!! Don’t live in that sin everyday… Don’t operate in that sin everyday… In other words we should be dedicated/determined/ to do that thing NO MORE. And don’t do it willingly with intentions to repent afterwards, stop trying to play the Lord!!! In your mind before it happens you should be begging that God will keep you from having sex out of marriage. You should be begging for a way to escape the situation… Call on the name of the lord and you will be saved!!! (Romans 10:13)


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