Don’t withdraw 

Whatever you want God to do, Speak it, imagine it… (Genesis 11:6) When you see everything going wrong in the area your praying for, Praise God harder!!! Speak those scriptures that lets you know God will do it!!! Don’t withdraw, don’t dispute, and doubt in your mind. Believe that our father can do it no matter what it looks like. Once you reach that stage where what your praying for appears impossible to happen visually, expect a break through!!! God will move!!! When you reach that point where it looks unfixable, and you know only God can fix it… And you believe he can do it in spite of what you see… God will move!!! #Believe that’s faith!!! You have to believe in things that can’t be seen!!! Those things you didn’t see will become visible! When you believe God can do it no matter what it looks like, You won’t go making new plans in your mind! You won’t come up with plan b and c, you won’t doubt the ability of God! you simply trust God to do it!!! All has been given unto us in this hour!


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