Let the lord clean you up! 

God didn’t change from the Old Testament to the New Testament!! In the Old Testament God didn’t allow ppl with blemishes to come before him, and our father will not allow us to enter into his kingdom with blemishes now. (Leviticus 21:21) Why should he put sin, which destroyed the entire world, into a new kingdom?!? Let God clean you up now, so he won’t tell you to depart from him later! If he tells you to depart from him, you will surely go with Satan and his angels! (Matthew 25:41) Let God cleanse you from all blemishes!!!! Let him clean your garments, and make you pure!!!–Yes Jesus died for your sins, however that doesn’t mean keep sinning. It’s like if you tell your child I’m buying you some new shoes tomorrow, that doesn’t mean go dump your old shoes in the mud!!! Keep them clean! God is saying keep your temple clean from sin! Appreciate what he did for you on the cross. Honor The Lords death, and your salvation enough to believe in Yahusha (Jesus), and live a holy life. Consider this, when someone buys you something nice, they expect you to take good care of it. Therefore, Take good care of your salvation, don’t let the devil steal your crown.


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