It’s time for the next level!

After a while in your walk you reach a stage where you don’t have a desire to have sex outside of marriage, get drunk/high, lie, be gay, and other sins. However, that doesn’t mean the job is done. God is always calling us higher, and closer. God said that he would perfect us til the day of Christ, therefore we still have work to do! (Philippians 1:6). Now God wants you to deny evil emotions, and thoughts that come into your mind. Every thought isn’t from God. Would God tell you to imagine fighting that person? Scamming? Fighting? No. That’s the devil, not God… You were made in Gods image, therefore you can think like him, IF you spend time with him, and in his word (Genesis 1:26). God is now calling you to deny complaining, and count everything joy! (Philippians 2:155). He is calling you to rejoice in sufferings! (Romans 5:3). He is calling you to serve when your life is upside down! He is calling you to give with a PURE HEART; (2 Corinthians 9:7) He is calling you to trust in him, in spite of the delusions Satan paints in your mind. (1 John 4:8).Our father is calling us to look like him! He wants your motives for doing things to be on one accord with his word! No acts of maliciousness, or self! God Is calling you off of milk onto meat! Are you ready? There is no turning back!!! *we always have to be lead by the spirit of God!!! sometimes your action may not be a sin, however God doesn’t want you to take part in it for other reasons and he may tell you to not to do it … #Repent #PraiseGod


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