Faith without obedience?

you believe in God, but you don’t believe in obeying him? You don’t believe that you should stop lying, stealing, having sex outside of marriage, being gay, gossiping, envying, bragging, molesting kids, cheating on your spouse and etc., yet you believe in God? Your actions show that you believe in the devil! Rebelling against God is behavior/characteristics, personality traits of the devil! To not believe in obeying gods Gods word means Your whole faith is a lie! You obey the schedule your supervisor posted & go to work because you believe you have a job, and you believe you will get paid. However you don’t believe in God enough to obey his word? You will burn in hell if you don’t let God deliver you from PRIDE AND YOURSELF. Even the Devils tremble at Jesus and believe that he is the son of God… However, they don’t obey God either therefore they will not see his kingdom! Stop making up excuses for the wickedness you do and cry out for help! Ask God to come into your heart, stop trying to play games saying “God knows my heart” yes he does, he know it’s twisted, wicked, and filthy, and as a righteous judge… He will send you to hell if you don’t allow him to deliver you… He left his word, his spirit, and his son blood… To ensure you would come before him white as snow, delivered from all sin… therefore If you die in sin… ITS BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO!!! I bind up every Luke warm, Lying spirit in Jesus name! The blood of Jesus is against you! It’s unlawful for you to operate in my life, or anyone reading this life! You are chained up and shackled down!


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