Visitation from God

😁😁😁 I have been expecting a visitation from God. And I just got it 😁😍😁 me and my daddy were just talking lol… believe and you will receive!!! I love my daddy… Man God is real!!! The supernatural is real!!!! If your gonna believe the bible, believe in all of it!!! God is still giving dreams and visions… He is still showing ppl heaven, hell, and angels… He is still speaking to people AUDIBLY!!! Please believe and expect and it will happen. I went to church yesterday and I told my daddy: I need it all lol… Everything you have told me and shown me!!! I know that #GreaterIsHERE I hope everyone’s faith abounds and we no longer are double minded. Shut the Devils mouth with the word of God! Double mindness behavior, doubt, and lack of faith allows the devil to delay and snatch promises/blessings/visitations/ and etc., from you. God let me know how he felt about me (he even told me why I was smiling from ear to ear lol) he let me know the areas I was doing well in. My daddy also let me know what areas I needed to work on (this is why the bible says if you judge yourself you won’t be judged… The will Holy Ghost will reveal things to you before anyone can say a thing about it to you). He showed me someone thoughts about me, and A plan of the enemy that’s about to be STOPPED IN JESUS NAME!!! My daddy also showed me names of ppl I need to pray for… Afterwards I asked my daddy who are those ppl, God dropped in my spirit “the spirit knows” lol… I’m telling you guys this so you can pray to operate in the samething with God!!! God is taking us higher!!! #SpeakInYourHeavenlyLanguageDaily don’t have them yet?!? Speak this daily: Lord your word says those who believe in you will speak in new tongues! (Mark 16:17). You are not a man that you should lie! (Numbers 23:19) You look over your word to perform it! (Jeremiah 2:12) All your promises are yes and amen no matter how many they are!!! (2 Corinthians 1:20)… You show no partiality (Romans 2:11), if you did it for the apostles you’ll do it for me! (Acts 2:1-4) That’s 6 stamps on the prayer sent to God… Those are 6 promises from God! If you know what God said you will get what he said! *i am not saying that you must have 6 scriptures for everything you ask for… I am advocating that you must speak the scripture where God promised he would do the thing you are asking for… Speak the scripture that determines what your asking for is in his will… #TheKingIsComing COME BEHIND THE VEIL SAYS THE LORD!!! Thorns and briers have been sowed in the inner and outer courts as massive of souls are deceived! Come away with me!!! An #INTIMATE relationship with God is required in this hour!


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