Endure to the end!

The bible says he who endures to the end will be saved (matthew 10:22). In other words, you must seek God the same way you did when you first got saved. That fire should continue burning. Just like a car needs gas to run, your faith in God needs the word of God to continue on (John 8:31-32). Your mind needs to be renewed, strengthened, and built up daily with the word of God. Please don’t become luke warm (revelations 3:16). Don’t go astray. Don’t become comfortable with things that use to grieve your spirit. Dont become fine with doing something our savior had to die for. Don’t fall back into the world. Get back on the narrow path, and endure that you may be saved. What’s the narrow path? A life denying what our God calls sin (matthew 7:13). A narrow path results in living holy because there is no room on that road for rebelling against God and going against his commandments. Living life in the narrow path can only be achieved if the spirit of God dwells in you (galatians 8:9-11); that’s the only way you can deny sex outside of marriage, lying, fear, arguing, drinking, and etc. You must endure, and walk the narrow path til the end… Not a few weeks, months, or years… But til the day you die… Then you will be saved. Get the spirit of God in you by abiding in his word, and spending time talking to him! 
This means you must If you are comfortable sinning, and being around wickedness… You need to be delivered!!! Your spirit should be grieved!


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