Do not be afraid of what your eyes behold!

We see everything God said would happen, happening. As it is written God does nothing unless he reveals it to his servants, the prophets (Amos 3:7). The word of God is becoming visible, We see darkness abounding in this world. We see many evil things occurring fast. Yet, many men and women of God are getting afraid and they should not be. Isn’t this all spoken of in his world? Hasn’t this already been revealed to us? Weren’t we already warned? If God gave you a heads up, what makes you think he won’t protect you… And fulfill the rest of his word? Didn’t he say a 1000 will fall on our left, and 10,000 on our right, but it won’t come near us? Didn’t he tell us we will see the reward of the wicked? Therefore don’t be afraid of what we see occurring. Didn’t he say his angels have charge over us, and they will protect us? So why are you allowing satan seeds of fear to grow? Rebuke, and bind! Utilize the authority in christ! Those evil Spirits will weaken. Our father has not given us a spirit of fear, but power, love, and peace (2 timothy 1:7). We dwell in the secret place of the almighty God, we are protected! God is our refugee, he will help us! He is our shield, and buckler! He will hold us up like a belt, and stop us from falling! We won’t be afraid by the Things that occur at night nor day. He said no evil will come upon us, nor plague. He already told us that when we call upon him, he will save us and deliver us! If the enemy is sending fear your way… Speak what God said! Use the sword to fight the devil, which is the word of God! (Ephesians 6:17) Speak psalms 91 over your life + family life! Those scriptures will encourage you! Fear will flee!


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