Spare your words! 

According to the word of God, if a person has knowledge they would spare their words. In other words, they wouldn’t allow any and everything to come out of their mouth because they know the ways of God. What are the ways of God concerning our mouth? Whoever say they are religious but speak things that go against the word of God, their religion is vain. In other words, claiming to be a Christian means nothing if your mouth is out of order (James 1:26); meaning for you to say that you believe in God, yet you gossip, slander, lie, belittle others, talk down, and etc., your religion isn’t true, your just rocking a name tag, you don’t really live according to the standards. As a believer it comes a time where God will give you wisdom to understand if a person can receive certain things or not, which will cause you to spare your words/refrain from saying certain things. It’s been many times where God will let me know not to say something because the person I’m talking to would not understand it, and the devil would use it as an opportunity to start an argument. I pray that everyone gets the full understanding and knowledge of God. All knowledge isn’t godly knowledge. If I taught you how to do credit card scams to make money, that’s knowledge, but not godly knowledge. However if I taught you how to be humble, that’s godly knowledge. As for Understanding, it allows you to understand the importance of obeying God. The bible says if a person has understanding, they have a excellent spirit. If ppl had understanding, they would strive to obey God! (GOD IS PAYING EVERYBODY ACCORDING TO HOW THEY BEHAVED IN THIS LIFE) When your spirit submits to the word of God, your spirit is excellent. Why? Your submitting to the king of kings… I’m sure Nobody wants to hear God tell them “get away from, I never knew you… You doer of wickedness” after playing church your entire life. Therefore read your bible/confess your sins/worship The Lord in spirit and truth daily!Proverbs 18:27

He that hath knowledge spareth his words: and a man of understanding is of an excellent spirit.


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