Keep your eyes on God!

If you ask God for something… And he gives it to you… And you stop reading Your bible as much… You Stop praying as much, you stop interceding… And Start creeping into sin… He’s gonna take that thing from you just like any responsible parent would until you learn BALANCE. Let God prepare your heart for a few things… He hasn’t forgotten about you, he’s just not about to allow that thing to be the death of you… ITS AMAZING HOW GOD DELIVERS US FROM OURSELVES EVERY SINGLE DAY… The word is so true, Our father PERFECTS our spirits every single day until christ returns (Philippians 1:6). Don’t be discouraged when God reveals a thing to you that you need to be delivered from… Instead rejoice… Our father Is delivering UR soul from the pits of hell… He loves you that much that he refused to let you die in UR rebellion!!!! He is setting you free from something that could kill you!!! #ThankYouJesus


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