whats going on in detroit?

It seems like after they had the satanic statue release party a few months ago, weed stores/ and weed drive thrus have popped up on ever single corner. Detroit is filled with strip clubs, liqour stores, pharmacies, adult videos stores, and weed stores on every corner. Do you not know that taking drugs thins out the barrier of protection God has around you? When that barrier of protection is thinned, many evil spirits are able enter into you. Those spirits will draw you away from God, they will cause you to be fine with rebelling against God. Many ppl wickedness will become full with evil spirits such as lying, homosexuality, sex outside of marriage, arguing, drunkenness, and many other sins if they continue to live a life of intoxication (lean, weed, zanny’s & etc.,) Please repent. JESUS is coming.


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