Praise God with all your might!

At concerts ppl go wilddddddd for their favorite celebrities. Screaming, fainting… Rooting, clapping, stomping their feet… Waving their hands, But when we do it for God at church “they doing too much?” Or some don’t praise God/ go hard for God at all?!? ITS TIME TO TAKE YOUR PRAISES TO GOD TO A DIFFERENT LEVEL!!! If you don’t learn how to praise God with all your might, your gonna have some tough times. Some battles are ONLY WON BY PRAISING GOD… SOME EMOTIONS WILL ONLY FLEE BY PRAISING GOD… LEARN HOW TO PRAISE GOD NOW. Brag on his creations, wonderful works, his doings, his holiness, his mercy, his love, his humility, his faithfulness… Shout!!! Praise him!!! Stomp!!! Praise him!!! Glorify God NOT PEOPLE!


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