jesus is coming!

Please be obedient. The kingdoms of this world are being given over to satan and his minions… With Devils in authority, They will not show mercy to humanity. They are waiting to catch us out of the will of God, that they may kill us… Therefore abide in God, live his word that his word may be your protection. Scriptures work in our favor when we love/obey God, however the scriptures work against us when we don’t serve God. Don’t forget it’s blessings for obedience and curses for obedience. Demons literally are influencing Ppl to sin through many communications of this world that you many be kept under curses because of UR disobedience. Many ppl are under curses due to what they did to ppl years ago… You have allowed the enemy to keep your finances in a bind, bad relationships, hardships, simply because of the decisions made. Therefore repent! Ask God to forgive you! God is about to remove his hedge of protection from those who have rejected him. Saints, please be obedient!!!! God will honor ur obedience and show up and show out!!!


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