dont speak against Gods children

A few weeks ago I watched God humble some ppl due to what they did to me. After realizing this our Heavenly Father even had me pray for them. That same night God took me to the story about what happen to Miriam due to her and Aaron speaking bad about Moses. A disease came upon Miriam because of her speaking evil of the child of God, moses (numbers 12:1-9). She caught leprosy, her skinned turned white as snow. Know that God does not play about his children, especially his obedient children. The word says Touch not his anointed, and do his prophets no harm (psalms 105:15). While many ppl wanted me to react in a worldly way, God taught me to give it to him. Remember, vengeance belongs to the lord and he will repay (romans 12:19), therefore there is no need to retaliate when you are a child of God, our father will take care of it. So what if your being lied on, talked about, stole from, & come across ppl that don’t keep their words, or Borrowing and never giving back. The Lord will deal with them. Pray that they aren’t judged by those sins. Ask God to forgive them because they know not what they do (luke 23:34). A worldly mind May say… they know what they are doing! But they don’t… They don’t know the eternal punishment they will face due to their actions. When you have the Holy Spirit, you will be aware and concerned about rebelling against God/serving God. (John 16:7-11)Just think… We are concerned about the consequences/rewards in this world, so we go about things differently… How much more should we be aware/concerned for God? When we in the world: Oh I have a kid, I can’t keep selling drugs… I can’t go to jail… Oh, I have to go to work tomorrow, I can’t be out all night… If I finish this class, I’ll get a higher paying job… Our worldly concerns cause us to make different decisions. It’s time get concerned about God and his ways, to the point we make different decisions! (The Holy Spirit will do it! Zechariah 4:6… But you have to let him in first, read the word of God) the bible days this world will pass away, but those that do what the word of God says will remains refer! (1 John 2:17) The word of God should dwell in you/abide in you/live through you… We should live it! Repent JESUS is coming! Confess your sins and repent daily!


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