Teach Your Kids The Ways Of God!

Taking your kids to church every Sunday is fine, however that is not going to save them. Teach your children the ways of God, Let them know what’s right and wrong in the eyes of God that they may live according to his word. It’s like school… If you go to a class and you fail to read over your notes before the test, it’s a high possibility you’ll fail the test–If your children aren’t taught repeatedly Gods ways, they will likely fail at living in The word of God… How can they honestly live in the word of God unless they are taught God ways? Life is a test, yet God has given us all the answers and power to over come through christ! #BloodOfJesus #HolySpirit #wordOfGod #KeysOfTheKingdomOfHeaven #GarmentsOfPraise #WeAreVictorious #NothingWillPluckUsOutHisHand #NothingAbove #NothingBelow


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