JESUS loves you!Β 

The day of atonement, Which is a national day of repentance, where we ask for forgiveness of our sins, and the sins of the world, Is national bisexuality day πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” September 23. (This is not a coincidence) Why do you provoke the holy one of Israel to anger? Why do you taunt the lord your God America? Why do you keep playing with the creator of all your eyes behold?!? He is about turn this world off its axis. He will make many wish they were never born. Repent! Choose who will you serve!!! All that has been done in the dark has and is coming to the light, just as JESUS said (luke 8:17). Yet many won’t turn to God fully. The music industry has became very demonic! Many have admitted they have sold their souls to the devil! Videos have been leaked where it’s obvious Barack Obama is a Muslim. Videos of our judges, and etc., have been leaked where they are invoking satan in prayer in court rooms. Our country has allowed muslims, and witches to pray for them. Videos of child parent hood have leaked, where they are blatantly stating they sell aborted babies… Yet, ppl won’t turn to God and ask for help. People are fine with wickedness. Our father told his angels to seal those who cry out for all the abominations done in the land (Ezekiel 9:4). Not only are people not speaking up against wickedness, They are united with wickedness, they are drowning in wickedness, people have no resistance, nor shame for evil… Yet they say “God knows my heart,” he does… It’s wicked, and you will burn in hell unless you repent! JESUS is coming! I’m just a messenger in the wilderness preparing the way for the lord! Trying to turn the ppl hearts to the lord! Please seek the lord now!!!!


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