God is comin back for a pure bride!

After talking to God the other day, he put this on my heart as I was writing: “I am coming for a pure bride. A bride that has not been defiled with the cares of this world, nor idols (Ephesians 5:27). A bride who loves me. A bride one who has devoted themselves to me completely. A bride who can declare my righteousness, even in the fire. I am coming back for those who have set themselves apart from this fallen world. They are In the world, but they are not of the world. They refuse the abominable unclean thing I hate (Jeremiah 44:4). My word says touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you (2 corinthians 6:17). Do you think I will go back on my word because of your love for sin? If you want me, I will clean you up, my son died for this very reason, that you don’t perish (Philippians 1:6, John 3:16-17). Yet if you continue to reject me, I will leave you in your filthy rags. Have you not read the attire for my sons everlasting kingdom is all white? (Revelations 19:8). You can not continue to allow sin to defile your garments, if you believe in me I will clean you up, ask for this (James 4:2-3, Philippians 1:6). Choose who you will serve now, time will be no longer (Joshua 24-15). Judgement falls, I am about to seal my people. All the things you want lies within me, don’t let the enemy deceive you. There is no other way but through my son.” —-instead of counting yourself out saying your not ready, BELIEVE that God will make you ready! Believe he will put his desires in your heart. Repent JESUS is coming!!!


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