Do you feel as if your not ready to serve God?

For many you only have 1 more time to put God on the back burner, and willingly serve the devil before your grace runs out. If your grace runs out and you die in a state of rebellion against God, you will die in your sin and your portion will be with satan and his angels (revelations 21:8). Satan and his angels will come and get you once you die because that’s who you served. You will be carried to the pits of hell because you were one with wickedness (matthew 25:41). Therefore Stop saying “Im going to get right tomorrow, I’m going to start living right when I turn 30… Or I’m not ready.” 😔 The hedge is of protection God has around many is about to be removed, and they will be put in the hands of satan–who comes to kill, steal, and destroy! (John 10:15) Accept JESUS truly! God requires sincere repentance, not just lip service. He wants actions! If this is you say “lord I may not be ready, But make me ready, put it in my heart! Make me serve you! Teach me your ways!!! JESUS I want you to be lord over my life! Please forgive me for my sins (confess them to God), I believe that you died for my sins on the cross, and because i believe this i am saved.” –now you need to read your bible so our father can change your heart! (john 8:31-32, 2 Timothy 3:16-17) repent means to turn from sin… Turn from your will to god’s will. (Romans 10:9, Isaiah 1:19)


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