Have faith! 

I’m noticing a lot of girls that are seeking God are becoming up pregnant. This happened to me as well, 3 months into my relationship with God I found out I was pregnant. However, continue to seek God diligently, don’t let your pregnancy distract you. Continue reading your bible, Don’t postpone your walk with God until after the baby is here. Let the word of God renew your heart to avoid bitterness if you and the child father aren’t together anymore–the enemy orchestrates plans to get us to become bitter, hurt, distracted, un-forgiving, filled with worry, and etc., because he knows if we remain in that state neither will our Heavenly Father forgive us. (Matthew 6:15) The enemy wants your mind off God fast. TRUST GOD, know that our father is with you in all that you do! (Genesis 21:22) Believe what God said! Believe in his promises to you! (John 3:16-17) (Which is why it’s important to read ur bible or you won’t know the innumerable promises of God ) Although you may not know many scriptures now… Just believe due to the testimonies already given, –Let God build your faith, let him strengthen you.Our father bought me through it, he shows not partiality, He will do the same for you (romans 2:11). BUT PLEASE, PLEASE FLEE SEX OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE (1 Corinthians 6:18) GOD DOES NOT HONOR FORNICATION AND HE WONT STRIVE WITH YOU FOREVER. OUR FATHER WONT LOOK THE OTHER WAY AS YOU REBELL AGAINST HIM FOREVER (Genesis 6:3). Do not forsake the mercies of God with fornication and rebellion. Fornication is a sin against yourself, it’s like you are blowing your own brains out. Repent means to stop doing it… Turn from the world way and turn to God’s way. Repent NOW!!! Tomorrow is NOT PROMISED!!! (James 4:14) there is deliverance in the word of God! The kingdom of God is at hand… Read ur bible daily. (John 8:31-32, mark 1:15)


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