Jesus fulfilled the law!

JESUS really fulfilled the law! In the Old Testament when the priest were sacrificing animals for their sins and the ppl sins, The priest had to burn incense Tht the cloud of the incense would cover the mercy seat. God told the priest to burn the incense so they would not die (leviticus 16:13). What took place was a representation of what was to come. Incense in Hebrew means sacrifice. Just like they had to burn incense as a sacrifice to avoid dying in the Old Testament, We must be living sacrifices for God daily, yielding to righteousness, and obeying his word in order to avoid perishing (Romans 12:1-2). Obedience is required in our walk with God. The word tell us our father shows mercy to those who keep love him and keep commandments (exodus 20:6). *the word was looked up in the Hebrew dictionary because the bible original language is Hebrew. Repent the kingdom of God is at hand!!!! Read ur bible be baptized!!!


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