The Holy days of The Lord

God has given his people Holy-Days to keep, however this world does not mention them at all. The holidays mentioned do not appear in the bible, or society finds a way to shift attention to bunny/eggs, themselves, and a tree. I advise alllll to keep the feast days of the Lord. The last 3 blood moons, and the 4th one that is coming has happened on the holy-days of the Lord (4/15/14 blood moon on pass over, 10/8/14 feast of tabernacles, 4/4/15 pass over, 9/28 feast of tabernacles). The bible tells us his feast days are a sign of things TO COME, however, he said he would turn the moon blood red before his return (acts 2:20)… That alone is an indicator of THE LORDS COMING! (Colossians 2:16, 17) All The Lord’s feast days are very important, and they have meaning… By the grace of God I will list them in order they will occur starting from today, keep in mind Jesus kept the Holy Days Of The Lord as well!: 1. Feast Of Trumpets (Sun down Sep 13 – Sun down Sept 14)–This sacred day is a non work day (Leviticus 23:24-25). Its basically a declaration of you being for God, sounding the trumpet… Do you really serve him? — This points to ALLLL hearing the sound of the trumpet, the dead being raised incorruptible, and being changed. Jesus also spoke of the trumpet being blown when the angels gather his people… (1 corinthians 15:52-53, matthew 24:31) 

2. Day Of Atonement (Sun Down Sept 22 – Sun Down Sep 23) –This Holy Day is a non work day. Its a Day of repentance, where we ask our God to forgive us, and we fast on this day… The bible says whatever soul doesn’t fast, and works will be cut off. It is a day of rest. (Leviticus 23:27-32) — We must repent daily. Repent means to turn from your sins. Repentance is an indicator of us being born again. We have put off the old man, and put on the new man: CHRIST. This is us becoming new creatures. (john 3:5, Galatians 6:14, Ephesians 4:20-25)

3. Feast of Tabernacles (Sun Down Sept 27 – Sun Down Oct 4) –This is a 7 day feast, the 1st day sun down Sept 27 to sun down Sept 28 is a non work day, as well as the last day sun down Oct 4th to sun down Oct 5th. This is a feast where we rejoice before the Lord (As we should do everyday). We are to dwell in tents due to our ancestors dwelling in tents after being delivered out of Egypt, til they inherited the promise land. (Leviticus 23:34, 40-43 John 7:2, 10) –Our flesh represents a worldly temporary tabernacle! However, we too will inherit our father’s promises and be resurrected into a spiritual body (1 Corinthians 15:44) 

4. Pass Over (Leviticus 23:5, Exodus 12:23) This is a day where we remember how our father delivered our ancestors out of the land of Egypt. The destroyer killed all the first born sons of Egypt, however the children of God were protected, the destroyer PASSED OVER the children of God homes. Jesus kept this feast as well (John 13:1-1, matthew 26:17-18, 26-29).

5. Feast of unleavened bread (Exodus 12:14-20 ) –This is a 7 day feast where unleavened bread is eaten. This is a memorial of our father bringing our ancestors out of Egypt. Unleavened bread is eaten, leavened bread is removed due to our ancestors not having enough time to prepare food… — As LEAVENED was purged out of there homes in the old testament… leaven is to be purged out our temples (us) daily (Matthew 16:6, Galatians 5:9) View Leaven as sin.Just as a little leaven will rise the dough, a little sin will open the door to more sin. It will puff a person up and they will be filled with more sins… Pick up your cross and deny the flesh! Walk after the things of God and you will not be condemned (romans 8:1) 

6. Feast of First Fruits: (Leviticus 23:10 ) Work is condoned, however its a feast where we provide offerings to our pastor, for our God. –The bible does inform us to give offerings to our pastors. (Galatians 6:6)


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