Don’t conform to Islam! 

God has given me many dreams about Islam… Please don’t conform to it… They are putting up many many bill boards in our country to get ppl to consider it and convert… Islam is satans religion… It’s evil. That’s why now over seas they are even killing each other… This is a spirtual battle… When u submit to it u are literally becoming a direct host for satan to operate through… (Ephesians 6:12) In one of my dreams everyone who submitted to it became very evil and violent they began to fight each other; no matter how they looked, no matter how they were dressed, Once that spirit came upon them they acted violent and different. Allah name in Hebrew and Greek is 666… The bible tells us 666 is the number of the beast who will persecute Christians, and kill them if they don’t convert… (Revelations 13:15,18) Isn’t this what Isis is doing? Many Muslims I come across say that Isis isnt the right type of Muslims… Point is they are fulfilling the prophecy, and in 2 different languages allahs name still is 666… Wake up ppl… Don’t be deceived.Click to read more


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