Praise God!

Just when I was about to make a post telling y’all to start praising God… The holy spirit reminded me of this post: #Repost 2/23/15: I’ve been asking God to dress all his ppl in the garments of praise… (Isaiah 61:3) the Holy Spirit just put this in my spirit: do ppl know how good God truly is? Have they seen his might? Have they seen the outstretched hand of the Lord do wonders in their life? (Isaiah 53:1) Do they acknowledge God doings in their life? Are they thankful? If not they will not be dressed in the garments of praise. How can someone praise the Lord if they don’t know him? How can someone praise the lord if their always complaining & Unthankful… & barely acknowledging God? What things will they even say? “God is good” is not sufficient… Honestly none of our words are sufficient… Yet we praise him by mentioning his works (which are too many too mention) & by mentioning who he is, his everlasting power, love, mercy, righteousness, truth, and etc., … The garments of praise is beautiful… God gives the garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness.. The spirit of Heaviness is that depressing/sad/down spirit that tries to sneak in while we aren’t even aware… But the garments of praise will make you jump up and talk about the goodness of the Lord, his might, who he is and what he has done… That spirit of heaviness will then flee!!! The presence of the Lord will move it right out the way!!! Many battles are won by praising God alone… (2 chronicles 20:22) The spirit of heaviness has many in bondage… Many Can’t even get through their day in peace… But acknowledge the Lord our God, acknowledge his doings in ur life, be thankful at all times… learn of him, and let him dress u in the garments of praise!!! (Ask him to teach u how to praise him… It may sound silly but mannnnnn we really can’t do anything on our own we need him!) repent… The kingdom of God is at hand…


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