JESUS loves you! 

The book of Daniel has perfect examples of how we should obey our earthly masters until they ask us to do things that doesn’t line up with the word of God! When the king told The people to bow down to a statue at the sound of a trumpet, Daniel friends said no! Nor did Daniel refrain from praying and praising God when the king ordered ! (Daniel 6:7-12, Daniel 3) They were like My HEAVENLY FATHER said bow down to no one, and praise him alone!!!! (Exodus 20:5) Daniel’s situation also shows us the righteous are NEVER forsaken!!! (Psalms 37:25) When doing right by God, you will NEVER be forsaken, or left hanging!!! God will always come through! They put Daniel in a lions den, and his friends in a fiery furnace, due to obedience to God. Yet even with that, God didn’t let ANYTHING hurt them! They came out unharmed! As believers in Christ, We may be faced with many trials, and unpleasant outcomes when we are striving to be obedient; however know that God will always make a way when we just choose him, and trust him… When we just consider and obey what God said in spite of our situation! He won’t let our situation devour us!!! He won’t leave us in that unpleasant situation if we choose our father!!! He will make it work out for our good!!! (Romans 8:28) he said don’t focus on your trial, nor the Things seen!!! Focus on what he said!!! Our father keeps those in perfect peace, who mind is stayed on his word!!!! (Isaiah 26:3, 2 corinthians 4:18) repent!!! The king is approaching!!!!


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