Confederate flags, bibles next!

Just as they aren’t printing confederate flags anymore, nor making them anymore due to it being considered “hate crimes”–the bible will be done the same way. The confederate flag situation paved the way for them to do this. They won’t make them anymore, and they will take begin taking bibles. God revealed this to me a few months ago in dream. We will be viewed as the enemy. Christianity will be viewed as “hate” all because we won’t conform to all the abominable things that are taking place, and that will take place. Let God write his ways in your heart. (Jeremiah 31:33) It is possible to know the word of God as we know songs! Please seek him now!!! Time is running out!!! Babylon has already fallen! (Revelations 18:2) It is going to manifest itself in our realm very soon. Come out of sinful living now! Believe on JESUS! Seek God with your whole heart!!! Draw near to him and he will draw near to you! (James 4:8)


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