CERN? Gates of hell opening? 

Smh. These scientists are striving to find “black matter” not knowing they are opening up the gates of hell on us. CERN is a project that weakens the magnetic shield around our world that God put in place to protect us from evil. Yet man wants to know what’s out there, so they have created a machine to press through the barrier (CERN). Due to this, Evil will abound, hearts will turn colder. Many already agree with evil unclean spirits, but due to Cern letting “those evil unclean spirits friends in” evil will engulf this planet. People will become completely possessed. Stop agreeing and living in sin. Turn from it. Our government officials are greatly influenced by Devils, which is why many abominable laws are passing. They have passed many laws recently to cause the people reap the wrath of the true and living God. They have now passed a law that merges many countries economies together (TPP), yet the law comes with its own laws that countries must conform to, and they aren’t even letting ppl read it. In addition to that they are trying to implement a world currency very soon. Not to mention our president has passed so many executive orders, that the moment any type of catastrophic event occurs martial law can be declared and the government owns everything… & the president remains in office. –Yet the New York federal reserve bank moved to Chicago because they believe a natural disaster is to occur. Cheyenne mountain reopened because they feel a nuclear attack will occur. –New York will get swamped with a tsunami, and Russia and North Korea/China will bomb us with nuclear weapons. The bible is unfolding before our eyes! JESUS wants to protect you during this hour, get to know him now!!!! (Ezekiel 27:27, 32,34, revelations 18:8)


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