Jesus loves you!

Mannn this world is so wicked!!! It doesn’t tell us the consequences of sin, yet it glorifies this immoral behavior!!! Causing us to learn the hard way… “Proverbs 9:17-18: Stolen waters are sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant–but he doesn’t know that the dead are there… And her guests are in the depths of hell!!!” –When we are living wrong… Especially when we are making fast money the wrong way… It may SEEM well, sweet, nice, awesome, fine, ok, and amazing… But those that do that are spiritually dead!!! Ppl are in hell for rebelling against the word of God… & if you continue on rebelling against God, so will you enter hell!!!–I’m not judging… The word of God tells us where we are going (heaven/hell) according to how we live… (revelations 21:8), I’m just a messenger–yet Don’t think hell Is bearable, It’s not… The bible says its a way that SEEMS RIGHT TO A PERSON, but the end of it is death… (Proverbs 14:12) The rewards of these sinful glorified, praised life styles are death!!! Ppl out praising strippers, drug dealers/users, scammers, liars, adulterers, homosexuals… Not knowing although it seems right… The end of it will be death unless they repent! (Repent means to stop doing it… Asking God to forgive you is just a confession! We must do both!!!) read your bible daily!!! (John 8:31-32) Ask God to come into your heart!!! “lord please come into my heart this second and remove all that is not of you! Become my only influence! Please forgive me for rebelling against your word! I need you now! Please find me watching and worthy to escape the Things to come! I want to love you with my heart, soul, mind, and might, and I want to love my neighbor as myself!”(luke 21:36, luke 10:27, 1 John 1:9, romans 12:1,2) Repent!!! JESUS is coming!


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