JESUS is perfect! 

God is soooooo PERFECT!!! Everything JESUS taught his disciples to do, he did as well! He taught them and showed them! He talked a lot about loving, And even after beatings, and facing death on the cross, he asked his father to forgive them, and died for them as well!!! (Luke 23:34) He showed us to always forgive! This is the greatest act of love! Jesus died for those who hated him!!! That was out of love!!! He was already rich, and The Son Of God .. He didn’t die for us due to any selfish reasons… This is what our walk is about!!! This is how our light shines bright when we can bless those who speak horrible about us! When we can still be kind to those who show no love to us! When we can give to those we don’t know, and give those who won’t give to us. When you can keep giving to a person that never ever gives back. As heirs of christ, Our love can’t be an ordinary half stepping love! (Luke 2:32-36) We have to pour out that same love our father poured out on us!!! As you create an intimate relationship with God, Your eyes will open, and you will be able to acknowledge his doings and his love for you. You will then begin to do those same things unto others. Also, God doesn’t have us keeping his commandments for selfish reasons either… He has us keeping them so it will be well with us and our children!!! (Deuteronomy 5:33) Just as he always puts us first, has our best at interest, doesn’t do things for selfish reasons/desires… We are to do the same!!! Are you only taking that person to the mall because you left your shoes at there house? Are you only giving that person some $$$ because you plan to ask them for some money next week?!? Are you only taking care of your child because you don’t want to hear nobody mouth? Our motives have to be pure!!! The reasons we do things must be acceptable in the eyes of God!!! Examine yourselves!!! We must read our bible! We must walk closely with God!!!! Talk o him daily, tell him about your day… (Psalms 62:8)


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