God is good! 

Don’t get mad and try to throw my God under the bus and say he isn’t real, and doesn’t exist… Because you didn’t get what you wanted, Or things didn’t turn out the way you wanted! The bible says his eyes go fourth showing himself mighty on behalf of those whose heart is PERFECT TOWARDS HIM!!!! (2 chronicles 16:9)… Is your heart perfect towards him? Are you obedient to his word? Do you esteem what he said, over what man said? Do you rely on God to help you, or do you rely on sinful things to help you? (Dancing, selling drugs, scams, and etc.,) We expect so much from God, and we don’t even understand how he operates!!!! We don’t even know what he said!!! Read the bible, get to know God for yourself!!! Sometimes we have to wait!!! (Isaiah 49:31) I thank God he is merciful and he doesn’t let us get what we deserve!!!–The whole concept of letting your situation define who God is, is out of order! Especially considering Jesus said in this world we will have trials but in Him we have peace (John 16:33) . Its out of order because a believer knows that he makes ALL things work out for the good of those who love him called according to his purpose! (Romans 8:28) It’s out of order because we are supposed to praise him when things look pleasing, and unpleasing. Like Job said… Should we receive good from the hand of the lord and not the bad? (Job 2:10). Praise God!!! He is worthy at all times!!! Because even with what we go through he still shows mercy to hold the unpleasant things back, and he pours out grace that we may endure!!! His grace is sufficient!!! (2 Corinthians 12:9) He won’t leave u in that situation!!! He won’t put too much on you than you can bear!!! (1 Corinthians 10:13) It’s time to trust God forreal!!!


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