Calling A Two Day Fast! 5/16-5/18

#‎Share‬ Calling a 2 day fast starting tomorrow 5/16 @ 9pm eastern… Til Thursday 5/18 9pm eastern… Only water can be consumed. Purpose: judgement is approaching and we need mercy! We need grace! During the fast we will be repenting for this nation/world sins… All Things that have been done in the dark are being exposed…(luke 8:17) & no wonder God is weary with the ppl… No wonder why the thief has gotten in and our nation is falling… I’ve seen 3 videos/articles of government officials invoking satan/false gods in prayer in different states… We do not want to reap what’s been sowed.
1. ask God to spare his ppl! Show mercy & Grace! Let not the enemy have his way he is not a God!
2. Pray that the gospel will go forth in a mighty way that many souls be saved!
3. Pray that we have faith/be humble as little children… We have to believe everything that the word of God tells us! Doubting nothing! We have to always be willing to submit to the word of God and learn as a little child. *read ur bible throughout the day, pray, and meditate on the word of God during the fast… Otherwise it’s like a diet. If u get hungry get some spiritual food ‪#‎TheWord‬ … It works!!! If ur fasting with me comment!!!


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