Dream from last year–REPENT!

Last year I had a dream… In the dream a lot of people and myself were in a cafeteria… A man was singing a song praising God… & Everybody was praising God with him, standing up… Waving their hands… Yet all this change instantly. The very MOMENT he started singing about living for God, being obedient, living according to his word… The entire crowd sat down… This is what many people are doing to my father frown emoticon Ppl love to praise our father with their lips… But their life style is so far from him. They reject his word, They are not obedient, they do not want to live for him at all… They even look down on his Holy commandments… & they don’t read their bibles… But they will say he is good all day long. Please stop this. Our heavenly father see’s you. He know’s your heart. He know that its wicked… But he is asking you to seek him with your ENTIRE heart and learn of him by reading his word. (Jeremiah 29:12) Worshipping God isn’t just singing songs and waiving hands. We worship him in spirit and truth.(John 4:24) We worship God With our actions, by our behavior, the way we live, talk, act, react, and etc., Also–This world doesn’t teach us about God… Therefore unless you read your bible… You can’t say you know him at all… (john 8:31-32)… U can even read the bible cover to cover, yet you still must read it EVERYDAY. It isn’t an ordinary book. Its a book u have to abide in daily in order to come into the fulness of Christ… (john 15:4-5) The bible is literally the book of Life.


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