What’s going on with India?

I thought to myself a few weeks ago like dang… India is getting it bad (due to all the earth quakes)… Yet that country is fullllllll of idolatry and false gods… Yet our country is no different, and they will get it to. Ppl serve iPhones, iPads, money, clothes, jewelry, bars, liquor, weed, hookahs, fornication, devils, music, TV, movies, sin, & etc., Ppl put everything before God… Ppl make time for everything but God. Everything ppl lay their eyes on becomes an IDOL to them. An nation filled with idol worshippers. Stop making time for everything else, but God. You will not escape the judgement of God. All that stuff is a distraction!!! It consumes soooooo much time… By the time your done, its the next day… By the time your done serving your idols, its the next day again… & It continues until a person repents, or wakes up in hell. LEARN OF THE LORD OUR GOD. PPL PERISH BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. PPL DONT KNOW GOD. PPL DONT KNOW WHAT JEHOVA REQUIRES, NOR WHAT HE LIKES, HIS WAYS, NOR HIS PROMISES… PPL DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT HE SAID… & IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT HE SAID… YOU WONT GET WHAT HE SAID YOU WILL GET… (ETERNAL LIFE) LEARN OF HIM NOW!!! (Hosea 4:6)


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