JESUS is coming! 

1. Remember what you imagine won’t be retrained from you, an opportunity will be made… So that the things you reflect on, imagine, desire will occur. (Genesis 11:6) So know that the “San Andreas” movie coming out Friday about an Earth Quake destroying our country, occurring on that fault… will open the door for many more earth quakes to occur and destroy this country. The enemy knows what he is doing. This will not be restrained from you America. I advise all NOT to see this movie. America will be given up to all she has whorred after, and imagined. She will reap the curses of all the abominations she has went after. She has gone astray, and she will be given up to a reprobate mind, and all that is on one accord with Satan. THE WRATH OF GOD IS KINDLED, WHO CAN ESCAPE FROM THE EYES OF THE MOST HIGH GOD? WHO WILL ENDURE EXCEPT THE SAINTS OF GOD? WHO WILL ENDURE UNLESS GOD IS TRULY WITH THEM?!? –He dwells with them that tremble at his word! That obey his word! (Isaiah 66:2) THE WICKED WILL NOT ESCAPE!!!
2. Saints: Add Brittney Spears to your intercessory prayers. I saw two demons walking her into the fires of hell yesterday morning. Add Max Lucado to your prayers as well. Prior to the vision I had last year I didn’t have a clue who he was. I had a vision that said “I know not Lucado.” I googled Lucado and I saw he was a preacher, and a best selling christian author, over a very large congregation… Yet my father told me he doesn’t know him. Please pray that they both submit to the will of God.
3. Know that you can NEVER go wrong living FOR GOD. Meaning, living according to the word of God. Always believe what the word of God says for your situation, and not your situation itself. Don’t look to the right, nor the left feeling as if you have to resort to sin in order to better your situation. The righteous are NEVER forsaken. (Psalms 37:28). God will ALWAYS make it work out for your good, ALWAYS. One thing my God can’t do is LIE. The WICKED are cut off according to the bible. The ppl who willingly sin are cut off, not the ppl that stand up for righteousness & live it. (Proverbs 10:3). Our God will deliver us EVERYTIME when we make a decisions to do right by his word. (Proverbs 2:7, 8) He dwells with them that trembles at his word (those that obey his word) (Isaiah 66:2). Those rather please him and do right by him than anything else. God is just, honest, faithful, pure, a just judge & he wants us to do the same. We are to be a reflection of him, and it is possible by the Holy Spirit. See God is FAITHFUL–His word declares “The wicked will be cut off from the earth, and the transgressors shall be rooted out of it.”Proverbs 2:22 (Those who don’t live according to his word… Those who life style doesn’t line up to the word of God, those who aren’t obedient to the word of God) So know that God isn’t a liar, and God has already told you the outcome of your wicked life style unless you begin to obey him. You have already been judged if you continue on in sin. Cry out to God for deliverance, to be saved, and he will do it. (Romans 10:13) God is coming to pay us according to our works rather you’re a sinner or a saint. My God would be a Liar if he allowed a person that died in their sins (sinned willingly day after day) a spot in his kingdom… & a liar he is not. He will perform the words he has spoken and he will repay you. Sin is of Satan (1 john 3:8). Therefore you cannot agree with it and think it is ok. The wages of sin is DEATH if you don’t stop willingly sinning. (Romans 6:23, hebrew 10:26)


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