Join us to tonight for Christian game night!!! 

Don’t forget: Christian Game night will be held this Saturday @ 8pm EST… We had sooooo much fun last week!!! The purpose is that we may all learn different scriptures to stand on during many trials, and situations that we encounter as believers in Christ. Scenarios are given… & Then each person has a chance to respond with scripture(s) to overcome that trial/temptation… Example: Lets say your at a family outing & someone says… Come on lets get drunk tonight… What scripture can you mediate on to be obedient to God? –Response: No drunkard will enter the kingdom of God… –However, when a person can’t think of one… We just chime in and help : ) To participate @ 8pm EST Saturday 5/23 call: 1-857-232-0156 Conference Code: 193128


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